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Loving those that need it most

I’ve had to read a lot on poverty this quarter. And we are all aware that God really has an eye out for the poor. We’re supposed to help them, to love them, but how do we do that? In Walking With the Poor, Meyers goes into detail several explanations for the root causes of poverty and the responses to them rather than tell poverty through story. His end definition of poverty is a “result of relationships that do not work…the absence of shalom in all its meaning”. At the roots of these broken relationships, there exists a spiritual distortion made by sin. Though hard to wrap my mind around it, I think that this very well could be the best holistic definition of poverty that I’ve seen so far. Meyers specifically attempts to find a poverty concept that includes the consequences of the biblical fall. In addition, the fact that poverty is relational explains why we always speak of it in relationship to something else. It is only when we see restored relationships (in all the aspects that Meyers gives) that we begin to realize that some people, for some reason, are not living in a beneficial way. It also attempts to explain how the non-poor can be steeped in their own poverty of sorts, and how their lives can also be marred by sin. These points remind me of another book that I’ve read: Discipling Nations, by Darrow Miller, which agrees with a similar point and goes into detail how we can and should go about worldview transformation in order to fight against poverty in this world. It’s books like these that really give me hope when it comes to holistic Christian mission. So many people feel that it’s necessary to divide evangelism and social justice into two groups. You can’t be in both at the same time, they say; it’s not possible. But what we don’t realize is that all of this is connected. It’s all brokenness, just resulting in different (yet equally depressing) outcomes.


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